Cost calling abroad

Cost being called

The additional free credit that you receive with each top-up does not apply to roaming (making and receiving calls abroad) outside EU. The rates for calling in an EU country other than the Netherlands and for calling to the Netherlands from another EU country (roaming) are fixed by law. The rates are shown in the table sheet above. Click to view all the countries and for further explanation to view all the countries and for further explanation. Connection fee is € 0.29 per call. These tarrifs are valid from 15th of June 2017.

The pre-paid roaming tariffs in the EU are valid from the 15th of June 2017:

  • Cost per minute: €0,15*
  • Cost per SMS: €0,19
  • Receiving a call abroad cost per minute: free of charge
  • Mobile internet: €1,- per 1MB
  • Calling from Ortel to Ortel: free of charge**

 *Connection fee is €0,29 per call.

**Counts for calling in the Netherlands. Calling from Ortel to Ortel is first 30 minutes free of charge (also in EU countries), after 30 minutes you pay €0,25 per minute. Connection fee is €0,29 per call

Costs mobile internet outside the Netherlands

Western Europe € 1,00 per MB
Rest of Europe € 0,25 per MB
USA and Canada € 2,50 per MB
Northern Africa and Middle East € 2,50 per MB
Rest of the World € 2,50 per MB  
Internet Roaming tariffs are valid from 15th of June 2017. Extra call credit can not be used for mobile internet in the countries outside the EU.

The advantages of Ortel

  • Extra call credit €10=€20 and €20=€40
  • Always free calling from Ortel to Ortel
  • Cheap international and national calls
  • Fast mobile internet 1GB only €10
  • Reliable network of kpn