About Ortel

About Ortel

Ortel is the prepaid provider for cheap calls in the Netherland and abroad, with the reliable quality of the KPN network. Ortel believes that as a provider for international calls you can be honest and clear. We don’t like to mess around with special or unique codes or bundles. Ortel offers are valid for everyone, and everyone can use the same cheap tariffs. 

What is the purpose of Ortel and what makes it so unique?
For Ortel there are no limits in communication and as a company we do everything to make this possible. A good example is our new Customer Service. You can call them free of charge as an Ortel user. Our Customer Service team will do their best to help you as quickly as possible. In addition, we always try to think along with our customers by offering fun and sharp promos. We hope that through our way of working, we can serve you well- in terms of price, quality, reliability and service!

How do we make this possible?
Ortel offers a prepaid SIM card that is easy to use and allows you to call, send text messages and use mobile Internet; nationally and internationally at very low rates and quality. Ortel uses the KPN network that has high quality and reliable mobile telecommunications services.

Everywhere available
Ortel SIM cards are available in phone shops throughout the Netherlands. Ortel SIM cards contain the Normal, Micro and Nano SIM and are suitable for all types of phones and tablets. Ortel call credit can be purchased anywhere in the Netherlands. For example, you can get your call credit in the larger supermarkets, gas stations, drugstores and post offices. If you don’t want to leave home, you can also safely and easily buy your call credit online.


Very cheap and fast
mobile internet

Superfast 4G and cheap prepaid mobile internet for mobile and tablet.


KPN network

Ortel uses the KPN network. It guarantees quality and a stable, reliable network.

Honest, clear and many benefits

Ortel likes to keep it simple and honest. The top-up tariffs are clear, there is no hidden agenda and you know what you get compare to other companies:


Always double call credit   High tariffs with double call credit

  Always double call credit & cheap (international) tariffs

  High tariffs with double call credit
Cheap (international) tariffs

  Many different tariffs. Unclear bundles.

  Cheap tariffs apply to everyone

  Many different tariffs. Unclear bundles.
Free calling from Ortel to Ortel  Sometimes, after a €10 top-up

  First 30 minutes are for free
(within the Netherlands)

 Sometimes, after a €5 top-up
Mobile internet   1.5 GB = €10

  1 GB = €10

  1 GB = €10
Free SIM card  

  + €2 free call credit

  Order your FREE simcard