Prepaid SIM Card

With Ortel Mobile, you can now make and receive prepaid calls to and from your family and friends in Switzerland and abroad at SUPER low rates!

There are no subscriptions or codes necessary and no hidden costs. With the Ortel Mobile prepaid SIM card you can monitor your own costs in the most efficient and transparent way.

Place your SIM card as following


4 easy steps

  1. Buy an Ortel Mobile
    prepaid SIM card
  2. Place the SIM card into your mobile phone
  3. Turn on your phone
  4. You can now make a call

Our Ortel Mobile partner will ask for your ID and will register your personal data in order to activate your Ortel Mobile SIM card (name, ID type, ID number, nationality, address etc.).  Once your SIM card is activated, you will receive a SMS confirming your activation. It is then ready to use!

Ortel Mobile uses a High Quality Network so you can always rely on excellent call quality and network coverage. To know more about the Ortel Mobile SIM card, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, where you will find more information about the PUK Code, SIM lock, Voice Mail and many other features.

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